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Starting a new business is an exciting time for an entrepreneur.  This is also a vital time to make sure you that you protect your investment and any exposure.  Did you know a simple Article of Incorporation is not enough to protect your dream and investment.  Reach out for a free consultation on how a little investment up front in your dream can save you headaches and money.

Board Member

Board member need representation and advice to represent specific issues and questions that arise in board discussion.  General Counsel represent the business entity and must provide advice that best serves the entity.  Whether the Board of Advisor need representation as a collective board or individual members need counsel on select issues having an attorney that represents you can ensure you the advice is in your best interest.

Business Attorney Advisor

Need to have an experience attorney to advise you on contract negotiation, resolve disputes and Mediate Employee Disputes, 

Start Up Attorney Advisor

Starting a business is more involved then filing article of Incorporation.  We make sure that you have an experience attorney to guide you from  the idea to the building a solid foundation.

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