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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is how more then 85% of all divorces are resolved.  Very few case statistically go to trial in divorce filings.  Almost all divorces are court order to mediation as alternative or prelude to trial.   If you are in the unfortunate point of a relationship that divorce is the only cause of action, mediation can be a significant quicker, cheaper and less adversarial  alternative then going through a public divorce via the courts.  Although, only a judge can grant an order for dissolution a settlement reached by the spouses can eliminate the long and complicated procedure of the court system.

Employee/Partner Disputes

Have and employee dispute with HR issues? Partner or investor dispute, mediation may be a solution for an amicable resolution.  Court cases often are long and destructive, mediation is a dispute mechanism that will help you find a solution that works for all of the parties and prevent time consuming legal proceeding and business disruption.

Contract Vender Disputes

Legal dispute over contractual relationships can be expensive and take a significant amount of time..  Mediating  contract disputes can bring a quick resolution, salvage the relationship with a significant less cost then going to court.

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