Andrea Brvenik is licensed attorney with more the 20 years of practice experience.  He founded a law firm, served as an executive and senior leadership at universities, professor in business and legal studies programs and advised and counseled disputes among business entities and martial disputes.

Andrea Brvenik has the spirit of an entrepreneur and understands the dynamics of business relationships and the listening skills and common sense approach to help parties find their solutions.

Andrea Brvenik formed the Brvenik Center for Conflict Resolution as a tool to share his cumulative experience to help people find solutions to problems without entering into years of expensive legal proceedings to only end up spending tens of thousands of dollars, harmed relationships and a stranger decide what is best for them.

At the Center the focus is to find a resolution that is yours and both parties agree. 

Andrea Brvenik is Supreme Court of Florida Civil and Family Court Certified Mediator. Divorce Mediation, HOA Mediation, Contract Negotiation Employee Dispute Mediation